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About Zong

CMPak Limited, doing business under brand name Zong, is a Pakistan based mobile data network operator, owned by the company China Mobile. It is the first overseas setup of China Mobile through acquisition of a license from Millicom to operate a GSM network in Pakistan in 2008. Wikipedia.

Zong Monthly WhatsApp Packages Full Updated List

All Zong Hourly, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Internet Packages, as well as prepaid and postpaid internet packages, are covered in this article. The following is a list of the Zong Internet Packages which can be used only for WhatsApp.

If you want to stay in touch with your friends and family, WhatsApp has become an inevitable social platform. Other popular platforms include Facebook, Twitter, and Line, among others.

However, most people want to use WhatsApp to share special moments, send and receive SMS, and send and receive audio/video files. As a result, every telecom company in Pakistan strives to offer the best WhatsApp packages in order to better serve their customers.

For both postpaid and prepaid customers, Zong offers some very convenient WhatsApp packages. I’ve divided them into packages for daily and monthly use. See the information below for more information.

To subscribe to the Zong Monthly WhatsApp box in 2021, use this 100% working code. You can get 4GB of WhatsApp data for only Rs. 38. Any WhatsApp feature, including Voice and Video Calling, Instant Messaging, Photo/Video/File Sharing, and Voice and Video Calling, is available to you.

  • Volume: 4 GB Data for WhatsApp
  • Price: Rs. 38 Excl. Tax
  • Expiry Time: 30 Days
  • How to subscribe: Dial *247#
  • How to check remaining mbs: *102#

The Zong Monthly SMS Package + WhatsApp will free you from the daily stress of dialling different codes and triggering bundles. If you only want to send your SMS bundle once a month, this package is for you. You can get 500 SMS per day and 30 MB of free Whatsapp data per day for 30 days for just Rs. 50 plus tax. Dial the activation code *705# to take advantage of this offer.

  1. Volume: 30 MB & 500 SMS per day
  2. Price: Rs. 50 Excl. Tax
  3. Expiry Time: 30 Days
  4. How to subscribe: Dial *705#
  5. How to unsubscribe: Send SMS ‘unsubscribe’ or ‘unsub’ to 700

Unlimited WhatsApp Bundle Offer

Zong’s monthly WhatsApp bundle gives you unlimited free MBs for WhatsApp that you can use for a month. The bundle’s subscription fee is just 30 PKR, which is extremely low. To activate this bundle, dial *1000# or send an SMS to 7091 with the phrase “sub Mahana.”

  1. Volume: Unlimited MBs for WhatsApp
  2. Price: Rs. 30 +Tax
  3. Validity: 30 Days
  4. Subscription Code: Dial *1000# or Send SMS “sub Mahana” to 7091

Monthly All in One Bundle Offer

A monthly all-in-one offer, which costs Rs. 580 including tax, is one of the best bundles for Zong customers. This offer includes 2500 MBs of WhatsApp and 2500 MBs of other internet, as well as 2500 on-net minutes, 150 all-network minutes, and 2500 SMS. If you want to sign up for this bundle, dial *6464# and then press 4 on your phone’s keypad.

  • Volume: 2.5 GB WhatsApp + 2.5 GB Internet, 2500 on-net minutes, 150 off-net minutes, 2500 SMS
  • Price: Rs. 580 +Tax
  • VALIDITY: 30 Days
  • SUBSCRIPTION CODE: Dial *6464# and Press 4

Whatsapp and SMS Package

The Zong Monthly SMS Package + WhatsApp will relieve you of the stress of dialing various codes and triggering bundles on a daily basis. This package is perfect for you if you just want to trigger your SMS bundle once a month. For just Rs. 50 plus tax, you can get 500 SMS a day and 30 MBs of free Whatsapp data per day for 30 days. If you want to take advantage of this bid, dial the activation code *705#.

  • Price: Rs. 50 Excl. Tax
  • Validity: 30 Days
  • Internet: 30 MB per day
  • Free SMS: 500 SMS per day
  • subscription Code: Dial *705#
  • To Check Status: Dial *102# with Charges 10 paisa+Tax per inquiry
  • How to unsubscribe: Send SMS ‘unsubscribe’ or ‘unsub’ to 700

Zong Monthly Whatsapp Bundle Offer For Postpaid User

You can now get a Zong whatsapp bundle for postpaid in which you can get 8000 MBs of whatsapp for only Rs. 25. To subscribe to this bundle, dial *247# from your phone’s keypad. There is no need to unsubscribe from this offer.

  1. Volume: 8 GB for WhatsApp
  2. Price: Rs. 25 Incl. Tax
  3. Validity: 30 Day
  4. Subscription Code: Dial *247#
  5. How to unsubscribe: Expire Automatically After 30 Days

Zong has reached a new milestone with over 6 million active subscribers. Zong 2G/3G/4G has continued to develop its network and services to meet the needs of customers, resulting in a distinctive mix of affordability and seamless connectivity.

Zong continues to introduce Zong 4g Packages to keep you connected with your friends and family. Zong Packages for prepaid and postpaid users have been launched by Zong (Zong also has very reasonable Call and SMS Packages).

Zong Supreme Offer

The Zong Supreme bundle costs 850 rupees and is available from Zong Pakistan. This bundle comes with 4 GB of whatsapp data and 5 GB of browsing data, as well as Zong mobile internet, 5000 free SMS, 5000 on-net minutes, and 300 off-net minutes, all of which are valid for one month. The steps below will show you how to use your Zong Sim to subscribe to the Zong Supreme Package.

  1. Volume: 4 GB WhatsApp + 5 GB Internet, 5000 on-net minutes, 300 off-net minutes, 5000 SMS
  2. Price: Rs. 850 +Tax
  3. Validity: 30 Days
  4. Subscription Code: Dial *6464#, >> 4 >> 2 >> 2

Zong Supreme Plus Bundle Offer

One of the most impressive bundles is the supreme plus offer, which provides you with 10000 MBs free internet data, 4000 MBs for Whatsapp, 10000 on-net minutes, 600 all network minutes, and 10000 free sms for only Rs. 1750 including tax, which you can use for the entire month.

  1. Volume: 10 GB Internet & 4 GB WhatsApp, 10000 on-net minutes, 600 off-net minutes, 10000 SMS
  2. Price: Rs. 1750 +Tax
  3. Validity: 30 Days
  4. Subscription Code: Dial *6464#, >> 4 >> 4 >> 2

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