YouTube is Testing a New Timestamped Comment Feature

YouTube is constantly modernizing its application with several useful features. Just newly, it has added unique resolution restrictions to its application. Now, YouTube is running on the latest timestamped comment feature.

The organization announced that this innovative feature would enable its users to comment on a specific period in the video. So everyone who’s watching can view their comment to the related moment in the video.

YouTube announced in an official blog post,

We’re currently testing a new feature that allows you to view comments timed to the exact moment you’re watching a video. This experiment is available on some videos to a small group of people, and we’ll consider rolling this out more broadly based on feedback. To see if you’re part of the experiment, go to the comments section on iOS or Android, and tap the Sort button to select “Timed Beta.”

This experimental feature is currently ready for people using the latest version of the application, as suggested above. Furthermore, you can turn on this characteristic from the sort key found in the comment section under a video in the mobile application. When the innovation is on, comments will pop up as the progress bar at the bottom of the video moves through the timestamps.

If you are a SoundCloud user, you will indeed have noticed this innovation there. Let’s notice when it will be ready for every user.

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