Why Turkey Changed Name What is the new name of Turkey?

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Why Turkey Changed Name What is the new name of Turkey?. The United Nations has confirmed Turkey’s decision to change its name to “Turkey”.

Turkey wants to be called Türkiye in a rebranding move

According to foreign media, in December 2021, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan decided to change the name of the country.

What is the new name of Turkey? Why Turkey Changed Name

The reason is that if you search Turkey on the internet, you will find pictures of Turkey, a bird found in the country as well as in the United States.

This is a bird whose meat was eaten on Christmas and Thanksgiving Day.

One of the reasons for the name change is that in English, Turkey means stupid, which is why the Turks did not like the name.

A name shared with a bird

Onur Erem, BBC Turkish service

According to a UN spokesman, a letter from the Turkish Foreign Minister was handed to the Secretary-General on June 1, requesting that the international body use the Turkish name instead of Turkey for all matters.

The spokesman said that the change in the name of the country was confirmed with this letter.

The Ü may be tricky for most of the international audience who don’t have that letter in their alphabet but it’s the same as the German Ü, like the U in pure or cue. So for an English speaker, changing the first vowel of Turkey to an Ü and adding an E to the end (as in pet) is enough to pronounce the new name perfectly.

But why was this necessary? President Erdogan was pushing for this move for years, arguing that the country would be better represented with the Turkish name instead of sharing the same word with a bird.

Turkey the bird is called by a different name in many languages, such as “Peru” in Portuguese, while in Turkish it is “Hindi”.

Many social media users refer to this fact to criticize the Turkish government’s move as absurd, while others agree that it was a necessary rebranding.

We have to wait and see if people around the world will accept Türkiye instead of Turkey, Turquie, or Twrci.

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