WhatsApp relaxes deadline for accepting its latest privacy policy

WhatsApp became the step of updating its terms of performance and privacy policy, mostly concentrated on its business offerings. The differences sparked a major reaction because they accidentally highlighted WhatsApp’s years-old policy of sharing certain user data, like phone numbers, with parent corporation Facebook.

Rather than modify the policy that sparked the debate, WhatsApp instead moved the deadline for users to receive it from the first date of February 8 to Saturday.

WhatsApp first indicated in February that everyone who declined the updates would instantly lose functionality. But the organization has since opted to let the wheels gradually come off the car over various weeks before the application careens into a ditch and quits running collectively.

WhatsApp’s explanation of what “limited functionality” will mean for users
Image: WhatsApp

“For the last many weeks we have presented a notification in WhatsApp giving more info about the update,” the organization announced in a report. “After giving everyone time to review, we’re extending to warn those who have not had the chance to do so to review and receive. After a period of various weeks, the warning people receive will ultimately become persistent.”

The reaction forced likely caught WhatsApp off-guard, given that it warned users of a present policy rather than constructing a new one. Mere days after WhatsApp first published the changes on January 4, Telegram announced it had reached tens of millions of users, and Signal boasted “fantastic” growth. To staunch the bleeding, WhatsApp paused the full rollout of the latest policies for months so users would have more time to read about the modifications.

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