WhatsApp group chats are becoming more private

WhatsApp will allow you to quickly decide who can send self-destructive messages in group chats, giving you an extra level of privacy control.

WhatsApp has been working on its disappearing messaging feature for some time now, giving users the ability to configure messages that automatically disappear after a certain period.

The company is constantly developing features, working on new options that will make it even more helpful. Recent changes have seen the advent of a new admin option that allows you to choose which group chat members can control and use this feature.

The disappearing message option is temporarily available in individual and group chats but can only enable or disable admin groups’ features.

However, this is set to change. In the most advanced beta version of the Android application, it is possible to choose between two options – whether group members can enable or disable disappearing messages or just admin.

Now you see…

The update means that if you move to modify the group’s information, you’ll notice that the settings allow you to choose who can change the group’s subject, icon, description, and disappearing messages setting. You can only choose between group participants and administrators, based on the level of control you give to group members.

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You will need to be part of the WhatsApp beta program at this time to see the new feature. Group control for lost messages can found on WhatsApp Beta for Android, but it is secure to assume that the same option will soon land on iOS.

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