WhatsApp gives ”pro-tip” to Pakistani user on Twitter

WhatsApp on Thursday gave Pakistani Twitter users a “pro tip” to use the app’s desktop version.

The Facebook-owned messaging app has 3.3 million followers on Twitter and barely answers people’s questions. However, this time made an exception and responded to Pakistani consumers.

A “pro-tip” give after WhatsApp posted about shortcuts that users can use.

WhatsApp has introduced shortcut keys for iOS, Android users when they access applications on their mobile phones and cheat codes for the web version of Mac and Windows.

WhatsApp shared the update on Twitter with the text: “Final Boss Mode: Unlocked!”

After posting, Mohammad Haseeb told WhatsApp that he was waiting for the “Boss Mode” app mentioned in his post to be unlocked.

Mohammad Haseeb also asked WhatsApp how it can cross out by entering monospace.

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WhatsApp responded with the following “pro-tip”:

  • “Bold: text
  • Monospace: text
  • Strikethrough: ~text~
  • Italic: text

Users can now use shortcut keys to mark a message as unread, silent chat, search chat list, or open a new chat window.

WhatsApp has launched four different versions for users accessing the app on Android phones, iPhone, Mac, or Windows.

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