WhatsApp disappearing messages to soon have a 24-hour option

WhatsApp retains extra testing features for users making the application more stable and user-friendly. However, some features are helpful. Do you recognize days when you could not remove any message on WhatsApp and face a reaction on sending a message that you shouldn’t have? Initially, to support people cope with it, WhatsApp started the “Delete message for all” feature, which everyone loved.

Keeping in look its expanding popularity, the messaging app came with an extra feature,” WhatsApp disappearing messages,” that automatically removes sent messages within seven (7) days.

WABetaInfo has announced that WhatsApp will improve this functionality and is testing a different option that will automatically disappear messages after 24 hours. This characteristic is in testing for more than a month promptly, and WABetainfo has shared a screenshot that confirms that this characteristic currently tests on iPhone only. Still, perhaps WhatsApp will start it for Android later on.

WhatsApp disappearing messages

This advice is not unique for us as we were anticipating that the messaging giant will include a different period for this innovation as initially, when it rolled out disappearing messaging, it said:

“We are starting seven days to offer “peace of mind that conversations aren’t permanent while remaining practical so you don’t forget what you were chatting about.”

“We are beginning seven days to offer “peace of mind that conversations aren’t continual while remaining practical so you don’t ignore what you were conversing about.”

The latest option appears to be an addition to the 7-days choice and will work in the same way. So administrator or people can pick their messages, including photos, chats, and audios/videos, to disappear after the selected period.

Snapchat started temporary content, and Telegram now had the self-destructing messaging innovation. Tweets news fleets also work in the same manner, which means WhatsApp is not the first one to add this characteristic for users.

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