What is Foodle Answer For Today May 16, 2022

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If this Foodle gave you some problems, we’ve got the answers for you that will give you closure on the puzzle for the day.

Foodle is a new, up-and-coming take on the popular word game Wordle. The premise is very similar to most games of this nature, but you are looking to find a 5 letter solution that has something to do with Food! If you are wondering what the solution is for Foodle 5/16/22 then we’ll be providing it for you in this guide!

Each day Foodle will challenge you with a new puzzle. You get your chance at trying it by visiting the official Foodle website after midnight.

Foodle Solution Guide

We have all of the information you need on what the answer is for the most recent daily Foodle!

Foodle Answer Today May 16th, 2022

The answer for Foodle on May 16 2022 is: WATER

Foodle Tips

You can get better at Foodle by using the tips below, which will make it a little easier to get closer to the correct 5-letter words each time you play.

  • Use a good starting word – You should have a few go-to words that will help you start your puzzle. These often include a lot of vowels and will not repeat letters. Some popular choices are: adieu, audio, atone, raise, and stone.
  • Keep an eye out for duplicate letters – It’s easy to forget that you might have repeat letters in your puzzle. For example, the word “snoop” has a double “o” in it. This won’t be obvious from the clues given by Foodle. Just because you see a letter is green in a particular spot doesn’t mean it wouldn’t work in another!
  • Search for 5-letter words – We can’t always think of the right words, so if you’re stumped, try searching for 5-letter words that begin with or end in certain letters based on what you have figured out with your puzzle so far. This can help you brainstorm possible ideas, and then it will help you get better for the next puzzle!

That’s everything you need to know about the answers to today’s Foodle. We cover a variety of other games of this nature, you can find help for those in the Games section of our website!

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