vivo Announces Global Debut of X60 Series, Redefining smartphones Photography in Collaboration with ZEISS

Famous smartphone brand Vivo has officially launched its flagship X series in Pakistan. The X Series promises its users unparalleled design, high-performance, and excellent photography capabilities in line with Vivo’s user-focused design and innovation.

For the first time, the Vivo-ZEISS series in the Vivo X series Co-engineered an imaging system to transform the experience of mobile photography. Incorporating a ZEISS optical lens, sensor, and image processing algorithm into the Vivo smartphone camera allows users to experience professional photography previously limited to DSLR.

ZEISS is a global head in optics and optical electronics. Recently, the company has launched a pilot X series smartphone in Pakistan, namely the X60 Pro. The smartphones are the first X series devices developed in collaboration with ZEISS.

Mobile photography features mobile imaging, lens design, and system integration into smartphone cameras in collaboration with Vivo ZEISS. As before, the company focused on minimizing, differentiating, and maximizing reflection efficiency.

 Sebastian Doentgen, Head of Product Management and Marketing at ZESS Group, said:

This global strategic imaging partnership is between a global technology company that celebrates its 175th anniversary in 2021 and a 25 years young dynamic Vivo which is successfully exploring new markets. So Vivo and ZEISS have a lot in common. We both value an entrepreneurial spirit and, we both love passionately imaging. We strive to develop premium tools for ambitious consumers and photographers who need to realize their creative aspirations with Vivo. To achieve this goal, we see beyond the limitations of today’s technology.

To further enhance the smartphone camera, Vivo and ZEISS have developed an imaging system that completes the quality management process that ZEISS demands. This process involves reviewing the actual optics, checking the camera hardware, and verifying the nature photography. In between this process, Vivo ZEISS learns about the optical design philosophy. ZEISS also helps optimize imaging on the new X60 series.

Source: phoneworld

The newly designed X60 Pro has also taken advantage of the latest technology to implement a ZEISS bio star portrait style to mimic the unique Bokeh, which includes advanced Bokeh simulation and distributed blur point rotation.

The Vivo X Series comes with Gimbal Stabilization 2.0, which stabilizes and retains images across five axes, making clear motion photography more accurate.

Day-night pixel shift Built-in specs like Ultra HD Imaging, Superb Night Camera 2.0, and Extreme Night Vision 2.0 create varied and clear photos. The VIS 5-Axis video stabilization resists shocks during photography from all angles. As such, this imaging stabilization provides its users with an essential professional-level photography and cinematography experience.

The X series smartphones are powered by premium Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 chipsets that provide the seamless performance and a friendly user experience. The high-tech Qualcomm processor includes an integrated 5G baseband that can efficiently provide the user’s 5G wireless network.

The X series gives you an incredible feeling when you hold it because it has a very slim quad curve design and futuristic charm. The X-Series rear camera comes with a dual-tone step, which gives the smartphone a sleek presentation. What’s more, the new dual-tone grade covers all professional-grade imaging technologies and photographic features developed in collaboration with ZEISS.

Vivo has become ahead in mobile photography in 2021 by bringing professional-grade camera technology to consumers worldwide. The X series from Vivo, X60 Pro, is available in the Pakistani market only at PKR 129,999.

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