Verizon will Bring 5G Internet for Businesses in 21 US cities

Verizon, one of the largest telecom corporations in the United States, said that it would launch 5G internet for businesses in 21 US cities this month, expanding its presence from Houston, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

Verizon offers a 10-year price lock for new customers, no data limit, and plans from 100 Mbps to 400 Mbps for commercial users in cities such as Las Vegas, Atlanta, Detroit, and San Francisco.

According to a study by the RootMetrics IHS market, wireless carriers began accessing 5G services at lower speeds last year, using low-spectrum bands, at speeds similar to T-Mobile, but after AT&T.

Verizon plans to expand its 5G business’s Internet footprint across the country, offering a full suite of services ranging from video support tools to edge computing.

Edge Computing uses driven reality and machine learning to analyze bulk data at its collection points – either on the factory floor or on the oil platform, or in offices – but 5G needs to make fast data transfer possible.

In its bid to target business consumers, Verizon has reached agreements with Microsoft and Nokia to help customers automate factory floors, reduce costs, and speed up data traffic from private 5G networks in its efforts to target business customers.

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