How to Unlock Mobilink Jazz SIM PIN/PUK Code – Simple Steps

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About Jazz?

Mobilink was a trading name of Pakistan Mobile Communications Limited, a mobile operator in Pakistan providing a range of prepaid and postpaid voice and data telecommunication services to both individual and corporate subscribers. Its head office is in Islamabad, and the current president and CEO are Aamir Ibrahim. Wikipedia.

What is the PUK Code of Mobilink SIM

Most cell phones come packed with a feature of PIN/PUK protection for security purposes.

When you switch on the phone and the PIN function is active, you will need to enter 4 to 8 digits PIN code to enable your device’s non-emergency calling feature.

If the wrong PIN code is entered more than 3 times, your device, as well as your SIM card, can become locked, which can then be reset to its original unlocked functionality by entering a PUK code provided by the network/service provider after successful verification.

Mobilink SIM Default PIN/PUK Code:

In case if your SIM is locked and you are looking for the solution to unlock your SIM and you have not set any other PIN code instead of the default one, then you can easily unlock JAZZ SIM by dialing default PIN Code 99999999, Jazz PIN2 Code is 1234

Note: This method works for active SIMs only. If your SIM is active and is not locked, you can note down the default PIN/PUK code of your device so that you may use it later when required.

Unlock Mobilink Jazz SIM PIN/PUK Code – Simple Steps

There are two easy methods used to unlock your Mobilink SIM PUK Code. the first is the default code. If it does not work then use the second one.


  1. Enter the PUK Code 99999999 and press ok.
  2. Now enter PIN Code-1 0000 and press ok.
  3. Enter again PIN Code-2 1234 and press ok.


  1. Call the Jazz helpline number i.e. 111and request the PUK/PIN Codes of your SIM.
  2. The SIM must be registered in your name and biometrically verified. or
  3. Visit Mobilink, Jazz Customers Services Center and discuss the problem.
  4. Or buy a new SIM card.

A part of the above methods there is no other way to open the Jazz SIM PUK code. You should not use such software telling for PUK code unlocking.


PUK code cannot be generated through any software/online. More than 2 wrong attempts for the PUK code may result in blocking SIM cards. For more queries, please dial Jazz helpline 111 or visit any nearest Jazz Franchise or Service Center.

Get Mobilink SIM Reset Code by dialing Helpline:

If your SIM is already locked and you do not have any other way to unlock your phone, then this method will probably be helpful as you can dial the Jazz helpline from any Jazz Number and after successful verification of SIM Ownership, Jazz CSR will provide you the required information. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Call Mobilink Jazz customer helpline, from landline or another mobile network, then dial 111300300 or if you are calling from cities other than Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi then add +92 or before the number
  2. Customer Care Representative will ask for required information which includes Name, Mother’s Name, Address etc. and SIM number which is printed on the back of your SIM card that is consisted of between 8 to 15 digits
  3. Once SIM Owner verification is completed, Jazz Customer Care Representative will provide you required information (Jazz PIN/PUK Code)

Techvirg Final Throught:

To avoid any trouble, we advise our readers to use Applock Apps (if you are a Cell phone user) available on Google Play Store and App Store instead of setting PIN & PUK codes.

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