Twitter yet doesn’t work for some users

Since Friday evening, Twitter has been disabled for some users, leaving users around the world unable to access the platform. Downdetector, a site that monitors crashes on various social media platforms, said late Friday that about 40,000 people reported problems with the micro-blog platform.

In response to user complaints, Twitter said that it was working to resolve the issue. “Tweets may not load for a few of you. We’re fixing the problem, and you’ll be back to the timeline soon, “Twitter wrote in a tweet.

However, the problem was not resolved the next day, with people worldwide reporting issues on the platform throughout the day. Downdetector reported that the problem emerged around 6 pm today, and about 1,000 people reported problems with the platform.

Down Detector registered a huge spike in Twitter down reports (Image: DOWN DETECTOR)

“We are currently investigating a reported issue with the Powertrack connection. At this point, we recommend that the active connection with Powertrack continue to reconnect with Powertrack with a simple reconnection logic. We’ll update here because we have the latest information, “the company wrote in an update on its Twitter API status update page.

Currently, most of Twitter’s services are running normally, and only four components are running at low capacity.

In an update on its Twitter support page, the company also said that it was working to fix the problem with its servers and that everything would be back to normal soon. “We know some Twitter accounts aren’t working for some of you yet. We’re working on resolving an issue with our servers to get things back quickly. Thank you for staying with us,” the company wrote.

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