Twitter to Launch Tip Jar Icon to Support Creators Monetize Content

Twitter is examining to create the platform user-friendly and more talented. A few days after, professional profiles began to support businesses make their presence on the application. It has come up with the latest icon, Tip Jar, to support creators monetize their content.

Twitter is examining monetization on its platforms for some months now. This latest addition will further improve its goal of presenting the game with earnings to creators who give people some surpassing content.

Tip Jar icon seems like money and mixes with various payment services fit with the service used areas. The same characteristic also rumors to begin on twitter’s audio-only Spaces platform that will fight with the Clubhouse audio chat application. By tapping on this innovation, Tip Jar will let users monetize their content on Twitter Spaces.

Twitter is launching a feature that distinguishes encouraging creators to bring powerful content to earn a reasonable expense. Apart from this characteristic, Twitter has also added newsletters and Super Results to support content creators with updates and more followers.

This characteristic does not make it official right instantly, and it is not apparent who will work this feature. Perhaps the social media program will declare a certain number of followers to be harmonious with this innovation.

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