Twitter Spaces for Desktop Web Browsers Is Under Development

The Clubhouse is an audio chat room launched in April last year and has since taken social media’s universe by storm with its popularity. This app allows you to have audio chat meetings where thousands of people can join and discuss issues and topics of their choice and provide their views and opinions on the matter. An invitation to chat can only receive an invitation link, and the administrator will allow who is speaking while the other person can sit and listen.

Given how competitive the social media world is, it won’t be long before other apps launch their versions that have become popular. Given the popularity of Clubhouse, other social media apps, It was not long before a similar arrangement was introduced. Clubhouse opponents such as Telegram and Discord have released their versions.

Facebook, Slack, Linkedin, Mark Cuban’s Fireside, and Spotify have developed their replicas. Twitter has introduced the “Space” feature tested first on iOS and then Android and Discord after announcing its version on April 1. Twitter for Spaces has made it known that they are also working on a desktop version.

Reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong explained in a tweet what Twitter space looks like on a desktop and also enlightened the public that if the desktop version works on your web, it will work on your mobile web as well.

However, Twitter has not given an official date when this version will release for the desktop, and it perhaps several weeks before the final version is released, so you may see some changes in the final version that you see now in the tweets.

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Also, Twitter has introduced many other features on its platform, such as fleets. Earlier this week, Twitter added several new features to its fleet – its disappearing post features such as Snapchat and Instagram stories. Users can now combine stickers in the form of Twemojis and GIFs.

The question is whether Club House can maintain its popularity since its inception as Twitter has followed a lot on its platform, and there is a possibility that many people will prefer Space Over Club House. Still, Club House can also maintain its popularity if it plays the right cards.

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