Twitter rolls out improved photo cropping on Android and iOS

Twitter began testing improved picture cropping and 4K photo viewing on its mobile application old this year in March. Out of the two unique features, Twitter turned out 4K picture support on Android and iOS late last month. Now, the organization is ultimately rolling out improved picture cropping on its mobile applications.

The organization declared the rollout in a recent tweet, stating: “no bird too high, no crop too small…offering more prominent and better pictures on Android and iOS, now ready to all.” In reply to a query on the tweet, Twitter also announced that its mobile applications now help photos with 2:1 and 3:4 aspect ratios, and it will not crop such pictures in the preview.

For the careless, Twitter uses an automatic solution to create previews for tall or wide pictures. The solution crops extra full or extra tall pictures at the center for the preview, resulting in a bad result. It also landed Twitter in a tough spot current year when users found that the image previews gave white people’s faces more commonly than Black faces.

Since Twitter’s mobile applications will not crop tall or wide pictures with 2:1 and 3:4 aspect ratios any large, users should now view more related results. While Twitter maintains that the improved picture cropping help is now available to all users, several replies on the original tweet still display cropped pictures. It recommends that improved picture cropping help may not be possible for all users at the time.

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