Twitter Circle Being Rolled Out to More Users

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Twitter Circle Being Rolled Out to More Users, which was rolled out for select users earlier this month, is now being rolled out to more users. According to the details, the feature works similarly to Instagram’s ‘Close Friends’ and allows certain followers to be able to view select Tweets.

About Twitter Circle

This function is quite similar to the Instagram story where you select people and share your thoughts with a smaller crowd. “You choose who’s in your Twitter Circle, and only the individuals you’ve added can reply to and interact with the Tweets you share in the Circle,” according to a blog post by Twitter.

Twitter Circle Being Rolled Out to More Users

However, the Twitter Circle still remains in the testing phase and it has not been rolled out publicly to everyone, but more people are now getting access to the new feature, which works by showing a pop-up to the user to share their tweets with a specific group of people aka Circle.

Users will have to select “Compose Tweet” and then tap the audience button above that will showcase the Twitter Circle option. The feature will allow users to add or remove certain followers from their Twitter Circle whenever they want, just by selecting the Edit button.

Furthermore, the followers of the person will not be notified if they are added or removed from their Twitter Circle. However, if added to a Circle, the followers will see a green notice informing them that they are part of the select close followers.

Twitter Circle is particularly beneficial as it will allow users to Tweet more personal things to their close friends and will not require them to maintain different profiles for different followers.

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