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How to transfer the balance from Ufone to another network | Ushare? I will explain how to move your Ufone balance to another network in this article. If you have a Ufone phone, you can transfer your remaining amount to other Ufone users, both on and off the network.

It is possible to make phone calls, send text messages, and access the internet even when you have a low balance using Ufone.

This function allows users to move their Ufone balance from one Ufone network to another, as well as from one Ufone network to another. Both approaches to accomplishing this have been discussed in detail here.

Transfer the Balance From Ufone To Other Network

Share may be completed in just a few simple steps. As a reminder, I share may be used to transfer balances between Ufone and any other network.

  1. Open the Dialer on Your Phone.
  2. You can reach us by dialing (808) 923-9233 (*Amount#).
  3. After dialing, you must reply with 1 to verify this transaction.
  4. Ufone to Ufone and other networks are also compatible with this approach.

From 10 rupees up to 600 rupees can be sent using this service.

Charges & Code for Ushare

A Ufone SIM balance can be shared using the methods outlined in this article. Sharing a Ufone SIM balance, on the other hand, costs Rs 2.99 plus taxes.

ChargesRs 2.99+Tax

Transfer Limits

The customer can only transfer a maximum of 600 rupees at a time using this service, which has a minimum balance of 10 rupees. Four times a day, the user can share the burden.

Transfer Limits

Minimum Limit10 rupees
Maximum Limit600 rupees

Usage condition – 150 rupees

For this service, customers can only share the load if they have 150 rupees or more in their prepaid accounts, as stipulated by Ufone. To be qualified to share the balance, a user must have used 150 rupees of balance.

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