Toy Cars Get Eco-friendly Makeover to Inspire Children

Matchbox is launching a new range of toy cars based on real-life electric and hybrid vehicles to make their miniatures more durable and create awareness among children about the environmental effects of motoring.

The first model in the production line will be a smaller version of the Tesla Roadster, joined with toys based on Toyota, Nissan, and BMW cars. Electric charging stations will also be on sale this year.

“We started concept cars just like the real car industry,” said Nuria Alonso, head of EMEA’s Matchbox Marketing.

TOY / Source: arynews

He added that this would be the first die-cast model made from 99% recycled material.

“We want to work with Tesla to inspire kids to be future riders. We think their parents would love to see how their children play with cars that promote environmental awareness, such as electric cars. “

The launch is part of a UK and European matchbox owned by toymaker Mattel.

The Matchbox brand was created almost 70 years ago and sells over 40 million die-cast vehicles each year.

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