Today’s ‘Wordle’ Word Of The Day #317 Answer And Hint: Monday, May 2nd

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May is here at last, and as the days get balmier and winter slips into the rearview, we all get just a little more excited about summer. I know my kids count down the days until they’re free from school’s clutches.

Another month, another Monday, another Wordle. The viral puzzle game has managed to stay on our collective radar, and while interest has peaked, it remains one of the more popular diversions these days.

The trick, I think, is only releasing one word per day. That keeps everyone on the same puzzle and prevents people from overplaying and burning out.

In any case, let’s take a look at today’s word.

Hints for the Wordle 317 for May 2, 2022

Today’s Wordle word of the day is a pretty easy one, but if anyone out there still needs help, here are some hints without giving away the full word.

  • Today’s Wordle word is a noun.
  • It contains no duplicated letters.
  • This is a very common word.
  • It begins with the letter S.
  • It ends with a Y.
  • It also contains a T.
  • It has one vowel that is not Y.
  • It rhymes with GLORY.

Answer for Wordle 317 for May 2, 2022

If players still need the complete spoiler for Wordle number 317, check below the image for the answer.

The answer to Wordle puzzle 317 is STORY.

Wordle is available for any browser.

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