Today’s Wordle 314 Answer for April 29, 2022

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The Wordle answer today for the 314 words, released on April 29, 2022.

Wordle is a great word game that has gone viral, with the results being posted all over social media. The game aims to guess the five-letter American English word in six guesses or less.

There are no initial clues given as to what the word could be, but once you have made a guess, the tiles will change color.

The tiles will change to one of three different colors: grey, yellow, or green. Grey indicates that the letter you guessed is not in the word, and you should avoid using it in future guesses.

Yellow indicates that the letter appears in the word but not in the position you have it now. Green means that you have guessed the correct letter and placed it in the right location, which is the color you want to see!

What is today’s Wordle 314 Answer? (29th of April, 2022)

Today, April 29th, 2022, Wordle 314 Answer – TRASH

Hints for the Wordle 314 Hints Today – April 29, 2022

As the word can be quite difficult, we have some tips for Wordle 314 to help you to solve it, which are:

Hint 1: Contains the letter S.
Hint 2: It starts with the letter T.
Hint 3: There is only one vowel in the word today.
Hint 4: Waste material; refuse.

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