Wordle 307 for April 22 celebrates World Earth Day, Check hints, answer here

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World Earth Day 2022: If you struggle to find today’s answer, the first clue is right in front of you. Yes! Wordle 307 answer for April 2022 may be related to World Earth Day.

Today’s Wordle 307 Answer for April 22, 2022

On April 22, 2022, the 307 wordles were released, and they are the topic of today’s Wordle solution. Wordle is a terrific word game that has gone viral, with users sharing their finds all over the internet.

The game’s goal is to correctly guess a five-letter American English word in as few as six tries. There are no clues as to what the word might be at first, but the tiles will become a different color once you’ve guessed.

Grey, yellow, and green will be the three color options for the tiles. Because you selected a grey letter, it is not included in the word and should be avoided in future guesses.

As indicated by the color yellow, the letter is in the word but not in the position you have it now. Green indicates that you predicted and correctly inserted the letter, which is the color you want to see!

Wordle 307 hints for April 22:

  • The word contains a single vowel
  • The word starts with P
  • The word ends with T
  • As it pertains to today’s celebrations of World Earth Day, another hint is that it is something green 

Wordle 307 answer for April 22:

The Wordle 307 answer for April 22 is ‘PLANT.’

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