Today’s Lewdle: May 8 Word of the Day (Hints, Clues, and Answer)

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With the sudden craze for Wordle, Lewdle has now also become among the popular word games currently available online. Similar to Wordle, except for vulgar words.

Not a good idea for youngsters to learn their vocabulary with this game. You can only play this game once a day, just like the original.

As usual, many players are unable to guess the right answers. Whether that’d be because you don’t use these terms or need clues! So let’s take a look at today’s Lewdle!

  • You may go to Lewdle’s official website and begin playing right away. The puzzles refresh every 24 hours to keep things fresh, so you’ll always have something new to do no matter what time of day you play.
  • During the game, everyone will have six chances to identify what the word is correct, and the tiles will change color, just like the rules in Wordle.
  • The letter is in the correct place if the tile becomes green. If the tile appears yellow, the letter isn’t in the right spot, but it is still a proper letter. If the tile turns gray, the letter is incorrect.

Word of the Day Clues / Hints

  1. A handsome, sexy, fashionable, typically older man.
  2. It has 1 vowel: 2nd letter
  3. Scroll down for the answer!

Today’s Lewdle Answer (May 8)

The Lewdle Answer for today, May 8, 2022, is ZADDY

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