Today’s ‘Heardle’ Answer And Clues For Monday, May 9, 2022

Welcome to Monday and your first Heardle game of this week. It’s a great song that will hopefully lift your spirits as the workweek gets underway. Still, if you can’t figure it out, some clues and the answer are just ahead.

But first, if this is your first time playing Heardle, welcome! It’s never too late to join the party. All you need to do is figure out one song per day. You’ll only hear the first second, to begin with. After that, you’ll get six guesses, and for each one you get wrong or skip, you’ll get to listen to a little more of the track.

We’ve had some great Heardle songs over the last week, including…

Not everyone will get every song right away, though, so perhaps you could benefit from some clues to figure out today’s Heardle.

  1. This is listed as an acid jazz/jazz-funk song on Wikipedia.
  2. It was released in 1996.
  3. It is charted on the Billboard Adult Top 40, Mainstream Top 40, and Dance Club Songs charts in the U.S. In addition, it was a number three hit in the U.K.
  4. Not only does this interpolate parts of Jocelyn Brown’s 1984 song “Somebody Else’s Guy,” it features an audio sample from the movie Alien.

Still can’t quite figure it out? Here’s the answer to today’s Heardle.

Heardle Answer Today For May 9, 2022

The answer to Heardle 73, released on May 9th, 2022, is Jamiroquai – Virtual Insanity.

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