Spotify’s new podcast charts experience make the platform Smooth

Spotify wanted to provide users with a seamless and efficient experience. Thanks to podcasts, the company gets new subscribers every month. The company has now launched a new podcast charts experience for mobile and desktop users. This new chart will help users discover new podcasts and simplify the chart viewing charts.

Spotify has updated the platform to offer a better experience to podcast listeners. The top podcast charts base on algorithms based on priority, such as the number of recent unique listeners and the total number of followers. Not only does this help users learn about new entries, but it also saves them time searching for trending specific podcasts.

A search method includes helping listeners find what they are looking for with keywords to see the trending podcast episodes. This chart is named the top story and determined by the number of the most recent unique listeners.

The ultimate most crucial addition to a Spotify podcast is a previously overlooked web experience. The web experience is updated with charts that can be easily browsed and explored. Currently, the webpage displays US charts, but Spotify will roll it out worldwide.

Spotify did not make this first change to make the user experience more memorable. Earlier, the company had introduced the ‘Hey Spotify‘ mode, which is a hands-free mode to enable it.

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