Run Windows Apps on MacBook With This $20 Tool

We have long been a country of two fighting families – at least when it comes to operating systems. Windows and Mac users all have reasons for loyalty, but the truth is that neither is the whole experience.

Apple’s software and hardware are compatible with design work and other creative multitasking, and if you’re already using other iDevices, integration is a big plus. But there will always be some unique Windows applications that you want. Of course, where there is a will, there are venture coders who can find a way.

Crossover for MacĀ is a desktop application that runs Windows applications on Mac without a hitch. And when we say “run a Windows application,” we’re talking about the real thing; This is not an emulator. Activate your favorite apps and software through a crossover.

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It works to translate Windows commands into Apple Operations, allowing you to use your favorite programs on your Mac as they designed for it. Are. No license is required, and any contributions to the open-source organization are refunded.

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