How Can I Read Someone’s Text Messages Without them Knowing for Free?

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As a parent, protecting your kids is your top priority. But throw a smartphone and the Internet into the mix, and your job becomes a lot harder. From pedophiles to romance scams, there are so many things that could go wrong with a smartphone in your child’s hands. A report shows that the FBI received around 15,000 romance scam reports in 2016 alone.

There are also incidences of health care data breaches from institutions that don’t use HIPAA-compliant texting. A HIPAA rule applies to secure text messaging platforms that send messages, store or manage protected health information on personal or organizational computers, including mobile devices. (it’s mine)

With more cases turning up every year, many parents are now looking for ways to monitor their children’s phones.

Just how much do they text their friends, who they talk to the most, and who they like the most? It can be hard to find out because you don’t have access to their phone. But now there’s a way for you to get all of this information. You can even spy on someone’s text messages without touching their phone. All you need is a computer and internet connection. And don’t worry, these apps like uMobix are completely undetectable. And if you’re reading this article, chances are you probably have it. With the uMobix spy app, all of your suspicions will be confirmed or put to rest.

If you are in a relationship, checking your partner’s loyalty is essential if you notice some red flags. The same goes if you’re a business owner who wishes to protect their company’s interests.

Thanks to advanced technology, you can break into someone’s text messages and get all the information you need. mSpy is a wonderful tool that can help you in this direction.

How to Read Someone’s Text Messages for Free & Stay Undetected?

It does sound impossible, does not it? If you need to learn someone else’s text messages, you’d have to gain access to their mobile phone. Perversely, people are almost always with their phones. Whether they were walking on the street or taking a dump in the toilet, they are either texting or just doing something random on their phone. This makes it extremely difficult to learn anyone’s text.

Also, kids are big on privacy. It’s one of the first things they seek out as they grow older. If you’re going to monitor their text messages, you’ll need to do so anonymously. Of course, your intentions are good, but try explaining that to your teenager. To avoid destroying the lines of communication between you and your child, you’ll need to spy on them anonymously.

So, we’re dealing with two challenges: how to read someone’s text messages for free and how to do so anonymously. Is it possible? Absolute! There’s a way to spy on your loved ones’ text messages and without their knowledge.

Can I Read Someone’s Text Messages Without them Knowing for Free

Yes, you can sneak into your child’s room when they are asleep. You can also take away their phones under the guise of discipline. But how long can you keep that up? Even when you succeed in getting their phone, there’s a good chance that access is restricted with a passcode. There is only one true way to read someone’s text messages without their knowledge — via spy apps.

Spy apps are a type of software that allows you to spy on people’s phones without their knowledge. All you need to do is install the app on the target phone, and you can monitor them from your device.

How to Receive Someone Else’s Text Messages?

There are different types of spy apps, and many of them can be used to monitor people’s text messages remotely. While each spy app will send you unique instructions on using them, they usually follow the same pattern. Here are the steps on how to receive someone else’s text messages on your device: Two Apps are preferred for Free.

1: Prefer a Spy App

As we mentioned earlier, there are several options to choose from. The most popular options include mSpy, FlexiSPY, and XNSPY.

Complete the Payment

After choosing your preferred app, go ahead to pay for the app, and you’ll have the download link and installation instructions sent to your email.

Install the App on the Target Phone

Check out your email with the installation guide and proceed to install the app on the target phone.

Start Monitoring

With the spy app successfully installed, you can monitor every text message that goes in and out of the target phone.

The great thing about spy apps is that they do more than monitoring text messages. They also allow you to monitor WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, email accounts, call logs, and even the phone user’s location. If you really want to keep an eye on your loved ones or employees, a spy app is your dream come through.

2:Second Prefer Cocospy

Using Cocospy, you can check on someone’s text messages even if they don’t have their phone. To get started, you must have internet service. There are three steps to this process:

Create a Cocospy account and subscribe to the service.
Complete the setup by following the instructions on the screen. You will be guided through the process of installing Cocospy. Multiple mouse clicks are all that is required.
To start monitoring, click the ‘Start’ button on the toolbar. A dashboard will open on the screen.
When you are on the Cocospy dashboard, you can utilize some tools to monitor text messages.

Here are a few explanations

Monitor for Messages

To see all the SMSs that a person has sent or received. Sender and recipient details, messages, and time and date are all included. Any deleted conversations will still be available. What’s more, SMS messages sent to and received by others may be viewed online for free.

Monitor social media

Cocospy includes a tab for each social media network. There are no restrictions on what you may view from other users’ conversations and content.


The keylogger records every keystroke the user makes. Examples include text messages, web browser searches, and even login information on a computer.

Now that you learn to read someone’s text messages without having their phone. It is important to get to the bottom of any suspicions as quickly as possible. You must be certain that you have no reservations about the other individual.

Techvirg Conclusion

Using Cocospy and Spy App, you can check on someone’s text messages even if they don’t have their phone. you must have internet service.

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