PCAA Banned From Using Mobile phones

PCAA Banned From Using Mobile phones

RAWALPINDI: The Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA) has banned the use of smartphones by low-grade staffers like porters, helpers, and leaders working at the Islamabad International Airport as a security measure.

However, they can still use feature or keypad cell phones on the airport grounds. The airport administration said in a statement that it was “extremely concerned” that the crew was using an open smartphone without any restrictions, which could lead to an unfortunate incident.

PCAA Banned From Using Mobile phones

The administration says that taking pictures or videos of sensitive areas of the airport and posting them on TikTok or other social media platforms is not good from a security point of view.

The statement added that miscreants or smugglers could persuade the staff to carry out their nefarious intentions or carry out illegal activities.

Airport management said it had been instructed by civil aviation to prevent lower-level staff from bringing or using smartphones at the airport and instead to prevent them from any untoward incidents during work. Encourage the use of simple pad cell phones.

The management also directed the heads of agencies and airlines working at the airport to ensure strict compliance in this regard.

A senior official said employees were concerned about the ban on smartphone use and claimed that it would affect their productivity and lead to disputes with security personnel.

Earlier, the airport management, citing a security audit conducted earlier this year, had pointed out some security shortcomings and asked the district administration of Rawalpindi to take appropriate measures for the safety and security of the airport.

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