Outside users can now meet Microsoft Teams group chats

Microsoft has declared that Group chats with outside users in Microsoft Teams are now Usually Available.

The new external group chats innovation allows users to join in group Teams chats with your external company, as long as those users have an Azure Active Directory identity. The companies expect to use the open federation policy or be on each other’s support list.

The open organization is the default setting in Teams. Admins can restrict this in the Teams Admin Center, and all legacy settings will be honored.

The innovation increases the existing experience for Teams users to locate, participate in 1:1 chat, call and set up conferences with outside users.

Once your company federates with another company, users can start a chat in the same direction they would with someone inside their company. Tap on the latest Chat symbol, insert the recipient’s email address, and hit the Search externally to locate the user. You can join up to 250 members in an individual group chat.

The innovation will start working this out in mid-May and expect to complete rollout in late July and work out on Teams desktop, mobile, and Web.

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