OnePlus 9 Pro users are reporting overheating issues

OnePlus 9 Pro users have reported overheating issues. The phone is said to be very hot, especially when using the camera app. Many people used the site online site OnePlus to express dissatisfaction with the situation.

OnePlus acknowledged the problem and told the newspaper that a software update would be released soon and the bugs would fix.

One person, in particular, tried to shoot a 4K 60fps clip but was only able to get one minute of video because it was too hot. Due to high heat issues, other OnePlus 9 Pro owners cannot take photos in direct sunlight.

Simultaneously, an Android system alert will look similar, indicating that it is too cold to use again.

Source: phoneworld

While charging their phones, many OnePlus 9 Pro owners had the same problem. Excessive heat issues can, in some cases, cause a lot of battery drain.

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It does not know what caused the problem and whether it affected many units or a significant problem.

“However, we do know one thing: OnePlus is aware of the problem.” According to company representatives, these recognized concerns will address in an upcoming update, which may come in the next few weeks.

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