Lewdle word of the day: Daily clues and answer (May 2, 2022)

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Lewdle is a word-guessing game similar to Wordle, except all words, are unsuitable for work (NSFW: Not safe for work). The rules are the same; you must guess a 5-6 letter word within six tries. You do get a hint by clicking on the lightbulb, but it will only get you one letter in the right position.

If you want to avoid breaking your streak, but don’t want the solution right away, here are some clues to help you guess the answer.

The word includes B_N_R_.

Think about the offensive words that include a B as the first letter, N as the third letter, and an R as the fifth letter. Today’s word is a plural form of the common word, which means guessing the singular version with five letters will give you a big clue.

The singular version of the word refers to something specific that happens with men that is often the precursor to lewd situations. It would help if you usually had this occur before improper actions are possible; it is not the formal term, though this word often knows it.

It almost always takes some time to see today’s word happen, and the speed at which you can gain today’s word is considered an impressive feat when done quickly.


  • The Lewdle answer for May 2 is: BONERS

Lewdle’s example of the word is:

Plural of boner, which was Lewdle’s first-ever word! “I’ve had some inopportune boners in my time, but the one I got while delivering the eulogy at gram-gram’s funeral really takes the biscuit. To be fair, it was a pretty hot eulogy.”

Here is a list of previous Lewdle answers for some inspiration for future words:

  • Lewdle answer for May 1 is: JOBBY
  • Lewdle answer for April 30: CLIMAX
  • Lewdle answer for April 29: NASTY.
  • Lewdle answer for April 28: STIFFY.
  • Lewdle answer for April 27: FISTED
  • Lewdle answer for April 26: SHAGS

Today’s Lewdle Answer (May 2)

The Lewdle Answer for today, May 2, 2022, is BONERS

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