Intel Says Global Chip Shortage Could Last Longer

Although the worldwide chip stock deficit has already overstayed its greetings, Intel understands that there is yet a long way to run. Pat Gelsinger, CEO of the US chip-making giant, believes that the shortage could last up to 2 years.

The administrator made a statement shortly this week while commenting on the organization’s recent profits report. He said that it had been a “pivotal year for Intel” after the organization reported a weaker profits statement. He continued that the chip shortage has now affected various markets, and the constraints will continue even after different capacities are built.

These different capacities may cushion the blow from the severe shortage and enable the supply to catch up with demand. But, the CEO further continued that.

The newly elected United States President Joe Biden met with various technology giants to address the global shortage problem. He promised to spend $50 billion to support the recovery of the semiconductor industry. It continues to view whether it will prove worthy enough to revive the worldwide chip market as Pat Gelsinger notes, “The financing required at the scale wanted is enormous.”

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