Instagram has introduced new features for reels including a dual view

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Instagram has announced several new features for reels regarding Instagram Reels, such as videos of less than 15 minutes can be shared as reels, and photos can be remixed and shared as reels. , and more.

Instagram announced today that new video posts that are shorter than 15 minutes will now be shared as Reels. Videos posted prior to this change will remain as videos and won’t become Reels. The company began testing this change a few weeks ago and is making it permanent in the coming weeks.

The change is part of Instagram’s efforts to offer a more immersive and full-screen experience, Instagram says. The company is also consolidating the video and Reels tabs on users’ profiles into one in order to create a single home for all videos on the app.

To increase its popularity among users, the social media platform Instagram has introduced a new Reels format called ‘Dual.’ It allows users to utilize the front and rear cameras simultaneously to record something and their reaction to it. Both feeds appear on screen together akin to a Twitch stream. The Meta-owned platform has also added ‘Templates,’ and made all sub-15-minute videos Reels by default.

We have already seen some of these features in Instagram beta testing and some leaks from the leaker. Let’s discuss them below.

Instagram has introduced new features for reels including a dual view

The remix will allow photos You can remix your photo with any publicly posted photo. You can also create reels by adding all the available features of these remixed photos, such as music, filters, and stickers.

You can now remix photos and turn them into reels

new features for reels

Remix Layout has been expanded with the new capability of vertical and horizontal split screens in Reels, and you can also choose a Green screen or a new picture-in-picture layout To add feedback for reels.

Also, you can add your previous reel video clip without adding it to the remix to show a specific part of the reel video.

Template and dual


Along with these remix features, the Reels section also has two new features to save you time, such as a dual camera capture and a new template feature.

Dual features allow you to this Capture video with front and rear cameras, which means you can record your reaction and the actual video at the same time. You can see how this will work in the first image above.

As we are all familiar with templates, it will save you time creating templates for reels, and you may be allowed to have more than one template, so you have to add photos and videos.

Search and post new videos


Instagram will now consider a video post as a reel that will have a duration of Fewer than 15 minutes if you want to post a video, it should be longer than 15 minutes.

In addition, the platform owned by Meta will now give Some boost to your reel video By its recommendation part, but this only applies to reels under 90 seconds, and private accounts will go as before.

Instagram will roll out all these features In the coming weeks.

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