Infinix reveals SPEEDSTER Brand Representatives ahead NOTE 10 Pro launch

Pakistani Television and Film celebrity superstars Feroze Khan and Alizeh Shah have entered Infinix Pakistan as the new “SPEEDSTER” brand representative for the NOTE 10 Pro launch that expects the country’s market. Infinix has developed tremendously in the regional market with the most premium product present. The brand locates at the first position in the market as the highest-selling smartphone brand.

Speaking about Infinix SPEEDSTERS CEO, Infinix Pakistan, Mr. Joe Hu stated, “We are enthusiastic to declare with Alizeh Shah and Feroze Khan as our new Speeders for forthcoming NOTE 10 Pro launch. With the brand vision of examining the norms, Infinix outcomes are designed especially for youthful people who need to stand out, reach out, and stand in synchronization with the world and both of our SPEEDSTERS displays the same character within their work.”

Alizeh Shah and Feroze Khan are some of the most youth-attended stars of Pakistan. Feroze Khan is the heartthrob of the Pakistan television enterprise. This alluring and beautiful actor revealed his skills in several characterizations of the showbiz industry of Pakistan. Alizeh Shah is a Pakistani television actress. Her appearance made her Humaward for the most popular Television Sensation. She has performed the role of Dua in a very successful Ehd-e-Wafa TV series.

Representatives ahead NOTE 10 Pro launch

This collaboration on Infinix with stars will be a unique way to open doors towards tech. It will get a lot of positivity for the brand itself, offering them a whole match with Infinix as the brand is the No. 1 selling phones brand of Pakistan. Infinix has not declared the official release date for the NOTE 10 Pro. However, supporters are showing elevated enthusiasm towards this event.

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