How to Stop Location Tracking on Windows 10?

This guide will show you how to stop location tracking on Windows 10.

Several apps need knowledge of the computer’s exact location to function effectively. As an example, certain location-based reminders function. As a result, Windows 10 includes a location tracking feature that lets third-party apps understand a PC’s general position.

Microsoft’s location service employs a combination of the GPS, neighboring wireless access points, and your IP address to identify the location of a computer. Windows 10 locates your PC and sends the data to Microsoft using all of this data.

Stop location tracking on Windows 10?

It is possible to deactivate the location in Windows 10 if you do not wish to send the position of your machine. It’s a really simple process.

  • May access the Settings section by clicking the gear-shaped symbol on the Start button.
  • Next, select Privacy and Location from the left-hand menu, which can find under the Application permissions heading.
  • Select Disable from the Allow location access on this device drop-down menu that appears.

Windows 10 allows you to restrict access to your specific location to a group of programs instead of removing the location entirely. Take these steps to accomplish this:

  • Go to the Settings > Privacy > Location section.
  • Make sure that the location services are activated on your device.

To prevent an app from accessing your precise position, uncheck the box next to the section titled “Choose which applications may access your precise location.”

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