How to Share Jazz Balance? – Complete Guidance

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Share Jazz Balance?

Share Balance Amount with your loved ones

  • Usage: Dial *100*03XXXXX*amount#
  • Usage another: Dial *100*<9230XXXXXXXX>* amount#
  • Charges: Rs. 4.77 + Tax/Transaction
  • Max Share Limit: Rs 500/Transaction
  • Max amount transferred per day: Rs.500


Jazz Share is a convenient, flexible, and easy service that lets users share the balance of any amount ranging from Rs.15 to Rs.500. This service ensures that you are always connected and in touch with your loved ones.



  • When you use Jazz Share you will be asked to confirm a message that you receive. The transaction will be completed once the confirmation message is received.
  • For each transactionRs 4.77 + Taxwill chargeon balance share for prepaid subscribers.
  • Jazz will not be responsible for any misuse of this service.


Service: All prepaid customers can now request a balance from Party-B (Friends, Family & Acquaintances) at any time and get the balance for free.

Usage: Dial *107# and a USSD menu will appear prompting the customer to enter Party-B MSISDN

Service Charges: This service is free of cost. The deduction will be done from Party-B (sender of Jazz share amount).


  • Party-A & Party-B need to be prepaid customers.
  • Party-A & Party-B should be allowed on relevant service classes and not be Dongle, Data SIM etc.
  • Party-B can receive requests of Jazz share only 5 times in a day
  • Terms & Conditons for General Click here.

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