How to Name Chrome Windows for Alt+Tab and Taskbar

If you leave multiple Google Chrome windows open to manage tabs, you can go one step further and name every window. Chrome’s built-in naming characteristic makes it simple to remember whether a taskbar or an overlay. What is the window for the screen?

The Windows Naming feature was introduced in Chrome 90 and is available for Chrome on Mac, Windows 10, and Linux. It’s easy to use and can prevent you from opening the wrong window.

First, click on the three-dot menu icon at the top right of the Chrome window.

 three-dot menu

Next, select “More tools” from the menu.

More tools

Instantly, click “Name Window” 

Name Window

A pop-up with a text box will appear. Enter a name for the window and hit “OK”.

name for the window

You will now see this name in the taskbar and on the Alt+Tab screen in Windows 10.

Seen name

On a Mac, you’ll see the header in the expanded apps menu after right-clicking the app from the dock.

see the titles

That’s it! It can be an exceptional feature, but for those of us who want to organize Chrome’s tabs by splitting them in a window, this is a small trick that can prevent you from clicking in the wrong place.

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