How to Make a Twitter Spaces Room?

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How to Make a Twitter Spaces room?

If you need help setting up a Twitter Spaces room, we’re here to help. In addition, Twitter now allows users to establish voice chat groups. After the international success of Clubhouse, several platforms have launched their versions, and directly we’ll speak about Twitter.

Here is a step-by-step guide for those curious about this new feature of Facebook but who don’t know how to get started. It’s easier than you think, so keep reading.

Conditions to Make a Twitter Spaces room

To design these rooms, you need to be aware of the prerequisites. First, having at least 600 followers is required. For the time being, those with fewer than 10,000 Twitter followers will be unable to build Twitter Spaces rooms on the social media network.

How to Create a Twitter Spaces room?

You can set up a voice room by clicking on the Compose symbol and selecting “Spaces.” However, to begin broadcasting inside the voice room, you must first click “start.”

Keep reading if you’ve already figured out how to make a Twitter voice room but aren’t sure why you’d want one.

Rooms, where you may audio communication with other Twitter users are called “Twitter Spaces.” The speaker can talk on whatever topic they wish while the rest of the audience participates either by listening or by participating via text.

A Twitter Spaces room can be created by a person with more than 600 followers. They will notice a purple ring around/her profile picture. This indicates that they are now broadcasting in the room.

You may enter the Twitter Spaces room by clicking on your purple-framed profile image. A listener in the room, you’ll be able to communicate with others via direct messaging, emoticons, and other means.

You must raise your hand for the administrator’s discretion to allow or refuse your desire to speak.

According to the firm, new features linked to Twitter Spaces are expected to be added shortly. Besides that, the firm is working hard to make these voice rooms more apparent to everyone who uses the service.

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