How to Check Warid Postpaid Bill – Lets Get Started

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What is Warid?

Warid was a GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication), HSPA+, and LTE-based mobile operator in Pakistan. It was the seventh mobile carrier to enter the Pakistani market. It commenced commercial operations on May 23, 2005, by the Abu Dhabi Group, a business conglomerate in the Middle East and a major investor in Pakistan. Wikipedia

How to Check Warid Postpaid Bill – Let’s Get Started

Even though Warid has now merged with Mobilink, the quality of its services has remained the same. Warid customers continue to enjoy uninterrupted, high-quality services. All Warid postpaid customers can check their bill by simply dialing a code or by opting to receive it via email.

You can check your postpaid bill by dialing Warid postpaid balance check code. Type ‘B’ and send it to 321 to receive your current postpaid bill free of cost, on your mobile.

Warid postpaid bill check is also available through email. To receive your bill along with invoice details via email, type E-bill<space>D<space><email address> & send to 129. Charges are Rs. 2 + tax.

If you want to receive your e-bill with outgoing call details through email, type E-bill<space> AO<space><Email address> & send it to 129. You will be charged Rs. 2 + tax for this service.

In order to receive your e-bill with outgoing as well as incoming call details, type E-bill<space> AIO<space><Email address> & send it to 129. You will be charged Rs. 50 + tax per month for this service.

Techvirg Conclusion

We give information about all postpaid networks and provide USSD code information and email codes from where you can check your postpaid bills information and invoice on your Email address at any time. Rather than all of these you will be receive your postpaid bill at your home address at the end of the month which you registered in-network office. To face any problem or need further info. You visit our website or you can contact us or comment section given below.

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