How Can I Reactivate my Jazz SIM?

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Mobilink/Jazz is Pakistan’s No. 1 cellular network which offers amazing services & packages to its subscribers. If you are a Mobilink/Jazz subscriber and have faced that your Jazz SIM PUK code is locked. I have a solution to reset and unlock the code by following the below methods.

Reactivate my Jazz SIM – PUK Code

A PUK is an abbreviation for Personal Unblocking Key. Your Jazz SIM PUK/PIN Code can be locked if you have been enabled the PIN code option. It will be locked temporarily if you attempted the wrong code three times or more.

Therefore, you may disable the PIN code option on your SIM Card. Unfortunately, if your Mobilink/Jazz SIM PUK code is locked and asking for putting a PUK code. More, you have also lost your SIM card PUK code. There is no software in the market to generate a PUK code. The following methods can use to unlock your Jazz SIM PUK code.

Mobilink SIM PUK Code Unlock Process:

There are two easy methods used to unlock your Mobilink SIM PUK Code. the first is the default code. If it does not work then use the second one.


  • Enter the PUK Code 99999999 and press ok.
  • Now enter PIN Code-1 0000 and press ok.
  • Enter again PIN Code-2 1234 and press ok.


  • Call the Jazz helpline number i.e. 111and request the PUK/PIN Codes of your SIM.
  • The SIM must be registered in your name and biometrically verified.
  • Visit Mobilink, Jazz Customers Services Center and discuss the problem.
  • Or buy a new SIM card.

A part of the above methods there is no other way to Jazz block sim open code. You should not use such software telling for PUK code unlocking.

People Also Ask:

What is the 8 digit PUK code?

A PUK code is an abbreviation of Personal Unblocking Key containing 8-digit.

How can I get the PUK code without the SIM number?

The default PUK code of Mobilink is 99999999, PUK2 code is 56789123, and PIN2 code is 1234.

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