How Can I Block my Jazz SIM?

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Can I Block my Jazz SIM?

It’s a very straightforward process if you want to block your sim. You do not require to visit the franchisee because that process is simple and the whole process is online. Many people want to block sim online you lost and dad you just need to block sim against your CNIC if you forgot to block your lost sim it can cause you a serious issue.

And someone misuses your sim. Block and lost jazz sim online is a very easy way. If you have a jazz sim, you can easily block your stolen jazz sim online by dialing just a ussd code. You will no longer have to go to the jazz office, nor will you need to block the sim from a jazz spokesperson.

You can now block and your lost sim from any jazz sim with a single code. Imagine your worst nightmare becoming a reality; your mobile phone gets snatched away, no matter how expensive a handset that causes panic in the middle of a person, your sim card is misplaced, and the sim can be used as a criminal. 

There are a number of reasons why people like to block the sim in your name, and you have forgotten to block that sim if someone misused your name and wants to block you suddenly. Similarly, if someone snatched your phone and noticed the first thing to block your phone. So you want to block your sim as soon as possible.

No chance of losing your phone somewhere else. So you go to block your sim. here we are going to tell you Jazz sim blocking briefly. In this article, we are going to share with you complete information about jazz sim block online code.

Method 1

We are sharing with you a very simple method to block sims online with just the following steps:

  • Open Your Phone Dialer and Dial *8822# from any jazz number.
  • Now Type 1 Select Block your SIM option .
  • Now Type  Your lost stolen Sim Number.
  • After You Type 13 digits CNIC/id card number with any specs.
  • Now you Type your any Friend or Family Member Mobile Number.
  • And Type your Last Load Recharge amount
  • After Select the Right package plan  you can Active on your Jazz Sim.
  • Now Few Minutes your Sim will be blocked.

Method 2

In Case Not working Above Method then you follow this method hope this method works.

  • Just Simply Dial Helpline Number 111 your any Jazz sim.
  • After you tell block your jazz number 
  • They Ask your Number your CNIC number and other details.
  • After Verification Block your Jazz Sim.

Techvirg Conclusion

In this article, we will give you the best information about the Latest jazz sim block code. Please share this New jazz sim block code with your family, friends, and their loved ones through Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Instagram so that they can entertain these services. To face any problem or need further info. You visit our website or you can contact us or comment section given below.

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