Heardle Song April 22, 2022 Answer Today: #56 Daily Hints

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Heardle Answer For Today, April 22, Thursday

Want to jump right into Heardle on Friday, April 22, and practice the day’s new song.

This is the proper spot if you can’t figure out today’s music from the excerpt provided. In addition to the correct answer and song of the day for April 22, here’s all you need to know about Heardle.

It’s best if you go back now if you don’t want to hear today’s song exposed.

Heardle Answer For Today, April 22, Thursday

Shakira – Whenever, Wherever is the Official Song of the day on Heardle today, April 22.

To avoid missing out on the day’s Heardle song, enter your answer before the clock strikes 12 a.m. in your time zone. The next piece of the day for Saturday, April 23, will also be revealed tomorrow, so be sure to check back in if you get stuck!

Heardle: What are the Rules? 

You may play Heardle, a word-guessing game based on the famous Wordle. Any active internet connection must use the game’s online browser-based interface for free. You may begin playing right now by going to the heardle.app.

There are few rules to Heardle, but they revolve around guessing the artist and the song’s title based on a brief music sampling. Here are the official rules:

  • Guess today’s song by listening to its intro
  • Incorrect or skipped guesses unlock more of the song
  • Guess correctly in as few tries as possible and share your score

Daily Hints

The Heardle songs are completely mixed. One day you could get a song released less than six months ago; other times, you’ll get a song from the 1970s. For that reason, it isn’t easy to keep a winning streak going for long, so we have our hints to provide some assistance.

Here are our hints for Heardle 56, released on April 22, 2022:

  • Hint 1: Released in 2001.
  • Hint 2: Genre – world beat, Latin pop
  • Hint 3: Singe by Shakira
  • Hint 3: Whenever, [blank]

Here are the official rules.

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