Harmony expects to reach 300 million devices in 2021

After the US company left Huawei due to spying allegations, the most important thing to back off was Google, which announced that it would not support an updated Android OS in the coming years. While this could be a significant setback for the smartphone company, Huawei saw it as an opportunity and announced its operating system, HarmonyOS. Initially, the OS only launched on smart TVs, but looking at the ecosystem’s future, it invests heavily in its development.

The company recently announced that this OS’s significant features and reliability had attracted 20 hardware vendors and 280 software development companies. It means that there has been a massive increase in the number of Harmony OS devices.

The Chinese manufacturer has shared that this year the company has estimated 300 million devices are running Harmony, and 100 million of them expect the OS to take out of the box. In an interview, Wang Chenglu announced that the operating system was designed to be compatible with smartphones and TVs, and different devices.

This everywhere quality of Harmony will make it acceptable in many brands. The organization has announced that its upcoming smartphone will come with Harmony, but it has yet to share a roadmap for its release.

Although Huawei is quite aggressive in its launch, only a moment will tell whether HarmonyOS can win many hearts. Do you think Harmony will take over Android in a few years?

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