Google’s parent company has stuck it to Oracle another way

Google’s parent company, Alphabet Inc., has shifted its internal financial functions from Oracle to SAP software, allegedly due to Oracle’s refusal to authorize its database for use in Google’s cloud computing platform.

The transfer comes on the same day that Oracle lost an essential Android lawsuit upon Google.

An unnamed reference told CNBC that the transit to SAP stems from Oracle, which insists on not authenticating the Google Cloud database, especially among large companies.

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Second round

Allegedly, the lack of authentication for Oracle focuses Google to implement SAP database software in the cloud.

However, according to Google, this has nothing to do with the SAP change. In a statement to ZDNet, Google spokesperson Jose Castaneda noted that Google Cloud is actively enabling Oracle customers with their Oracle database workloads on Google Cloud through Google’s Bare Metal solution.

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“But this is completely different from our decision as customers of financial software companies to switch our financial system from Oracle to SAP,” José Castaneda added.

According to reports, Oracle co-founder and CEO Larry Ellison has proudly named Google as a client following a recent call. It has also listed dozens of companies and government agencies that have moved from SAP’s ERP to Oracle Fusion ERP.

The migration of Oracle Financial Software to SAP said will complete next month.

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