Google Workspace offers extensions in “unlimited” documents space until 2022

To the confusion of many who rely on Google’s unlimited storage, the tech giant has previously announced that it is making some changes. Google Photos is most affected as uploads will start using your Google Drive quota beginning this June. This is for those who create docs, slides, sheets, and other workspace files. But users of Google Workspace will have a bit of a grip as Google shifts the deadline to February 2022.

Google declared the difference in a blog post about timelines related to Google Workspace users. Any new files you create in Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, Drawings, Forms, or Jamboards will still not be counted in your Google Drive storage.

Initially, these files will begin counting your Google data before June 1, 2020. However, for now, they will not start until February 1, 2022, which means that the files you have created up to that point are still “free” in your storage.

But next year, even if you only edit existing files, it will count towards the current storage plan. The only exceptions are Google Keep and Sites. And sadly, the Google Photos deadline is June 1, 2022, even for workspace users. This means everyone has just two months to upload all the photos and videos they want without having to worry about storage quotas.

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Google says it is making it a must for workspace users because it wants to ensure that new admin tools identify and manage how storage use will be available before all changes are implemented. Admins can start looking at new tools and have a way of replacing them next year. However, they can also expect to launch new room management tools before the new deadline.

As for free personal users, your deadline remains the same. From June 1, your Google Photos and Google Docs will use the allocated free storage space unless you decide to subscribe to Google On Storage.

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