Google Updates Its Coronavirus Doodle To Feature Cloth Mask Over Surgical Ones

Google recently updated its replicated COVID-19 “Wear a Mask” doodle by attaching a cloth mask over a regular surgical mask, in line with updated CDC regulations on epidemics.

It is fair to say that the coronavirus epidemic has been going on for a long time. With more than a year of lockdown and security regulations in place, people can get sick of hearing new information being revealed about anything related to COVID. The immunization program, which will begin in early 2021, is emerging as a relief to the general public but has not been implemented worldwide.

Finally, with the news of fluctuations and rumors of side effects, a new strain, and the possibility of COVID-19 localized, fatigue began to subside. However, until the epidemic reaches its climax, good or bad, responsibility depends on it. Heads to public platforms like Google to maintain the flow of relevant and valuable information. However, it comes in the form of fun cartoon animation.

Google Doodles is their symbol at this point. The Featured above the search bar; the interactive animation goes a long way in providing a fun way to communicate exciting details, especially highlighted days. An animation featuring the latest information about Albert Einstein’s birthday and his work may feature. Edison may feature a twinkling light bulb (or a very disappointed Nikola Tesla in the background), Eid selling on a lunar moon. A full moon can represent the list Turned on.

Instead of the previous decisions, Google launched a covid-shaped doodle in July 2020, in which letters of the company’s logo were spread on the legs, masked and spread to advance the ground rules, essential for people to live. Must be safe during an epidemic. It is an easy and memorable way to remind the general public of the vital things that must be done. Not only satisfied with the one-time doodle, Google relaunched it on April 6, 2021, but with a new update.

This time, Google’s letter took the time to tie a cloth mask over their surgical mask before maintaining the correct gap. This update follows recent CDC guidelines that encourage cloth masks over surgical masks to keep an extra layer of protection and ensure a better, more fit for underlying surgical masks.

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The epidemic is not over yet, but we may be in the final development stages with the expansion of immunization programs. Let’s continue the general awareness and keep everyone safe!

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