Google to Shutdown its Shopping App in June

Google recently shut down several apps that did not benefit the company. It is the turn of the Google Shopping application which rarely use; even people don’t know about it. Launched in 2019, this app provides a personalized shopping experience on mobile. Each of them can find in different retailers, and consumers can compare their prices and then decide to buy them. This app also notifies users when an item that they were watching for goes on sale.

For example, if you need to purchase a Lays box, you will get many product searches after typing them on Google. On top of that, there’s a shopping tab, Tapping, which takes you to a separate window that allows you to buy and compare product prices.

The XDA receives a code with a prefix containing the word “sunset” and another line asking the user to purchase on the web. After the leak publishes on the internet, Google revealed that the company has been unable to attract people to the app since 2019.

The Google Shopping app will run on the device until June. After that, Android and iOS users had to say goodbye. When referring to this application, a Google spokesperson said:

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So now that you know there’s an app out there, a lot of people might start using it, and Google is changing its decision to stop the app. Let’s wait and see.

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