Google Rolls Out V90 Edition of Chrome for Android & Desktop Users

Recently, Google launched its much-awaited V90 Edition Chrome browser for desktop and Android users. The new version of the Chrome browser offers better loading for sites that help it.

In April 2021, Google announced that to improve the browser’s privacy and prevent third-party apps from spying on your Chrome browser, it will start with the default HTTPS version 90. Google is living up to its obligation, and just weeks after the announcement, the company launched the Chrome edition. Google Chrome 90 also features a built-in AV1 encoder designed for video conferencing.

Comparing it with the previous versions will undoubtedly improve streaming even on external bandwidth networks and the screen sharing efficiency. Also, it contributes to better compression efficiency, lower bandwidth usage, and better visibility.

Also, the updated Chrome browser allows for more realistic lighting predictions for the VR and AR environments and many other enhancements and tweaks. The V90 Edition also comes with several developer-centric features such as advanced methods for recording media stream videos, fast adding unique elements to the video, such as transcription, subtitles, background blurring or removal, and sound and video effects.

If you want to install the latest update, restart the Chrome browser on your desktop or Android phone. However, if you are experiencing some problems, you can go to the browser about a page below the Settings menu and choose Help to force an update.

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