Google launches new family-oriented Assistant features

Mother’s Day is this Sunday in the US, and to commemorate the holiday, Google has produced different features for Google Assistant.

In a press announcement, Google announced Broadcast is growing to users in a recently created “Google Family Group,” including their smartphones, and Family Bell is getting more additional languages.

Other unique features include more different stories, games, and some Easter eggs.

Beginning today, Broadcast will be ready to give you on your iOS and Android devices, not only Google House devices in separate bedrooms. One user will state, “Hey Google, show my family how about lunch at noon,” The family will be ready to take notification and respond by voice.

The family alarm is related to setting signals but for tasks at home. While users can set the alarm for the children to tidy up or go back to study, they can do it only in English. Over the next weeks, the innovation will increase to eight different languages – Hindi, Dutch, Japanese, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, German, and French.

Users with Google House devices with a screen can present modern games, including “Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?” There are also unique songs for Google to sing, including the handwashing tune or the brush your teeth tune – simple songs supporting children to do basic stuff around the home.

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