Gmail is rolling out Chat integration for personal Google accounts

The Google Chat tab is now rolling out in the new Gmail app, just as Google Meet is compatible with the Google email platform.

Google allows personal Gmail accounts to use this “integrated workspace,” which is now open to corporate workspace users.

The merger came as Google was trying to make Gmail its new “workspace.” The goal is to allow users to complete all tasks on one page instead of switching between tabs.

Source: xda-developers

When you return to the Gmail home screen after enabling the feature, you’ll see a new pop-up detailing the fix. The pop-up is divided into three sections, each describing the current Gmail interface, allowing you to navigate your address and video calls by clicking on the tabs below. The first tab displays all your emails, the second the ‘Google Chat’ tab, the third the ‘Rooms’ tab, and the last one the ‘Meet tab.’

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Many free Google Accounts will use Gmail with the latest chat features on Android and the web. The iOS program does not yet support this experience—administrative approval requires for corporate accounts. To get started, make sure you have the latest Gmail updates from the Play Store.

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