How Can I Get Free 50GB Jazz – Damaka Offer

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Jazz MBB Loyalty Offer

Jazz 50GB Free Internet: Mobilink is now offering free 50GB internet from (1 AM to 9 AM) on a 3rd-time package subscription on an MBB device.

If you have a Mobilink Jazz MBB device and you have given to it twice then get ready for free MBps. The network has declared a very attractive offer for all device consumers. You just have to subscribe to the package again for the third time & now you will receive 50GB extra for free.

Get Free 50GB Jazz – Damaka Offer

Those consumers who have given to the MBB device packages two times will now receive a free 50GB on a third-time subscription. These free Mbps will be usable from 1 AM to 9 AM. After 50GB expiry subscribers will get these MBps again on the next 3rd-time package subscription.


Free Mbps Details:

Offer Name:Jazz MBB Loyalty Offer
Internet Data:Free 50GB Data
SUB:On 3rd Subscription
Availability:1 AM to 9 AM
Validity:On Subscription


Acceptability Rules:

  • Subscribe to Jazz 4G WiFi device bundles and get 50GB Free night data on your 3rd subscription
  • To check subscription count status dial *117*8*2# from MBB Device
  • Counter will update on successful activation of selected MBB Bundles: MBB Basic, MBB Regular, MBB Heavy, MBB LBC, MBB Super LBC, MBB 3Month & MBB 6Month bundles
  • For 3 & 6 month bundles subscription will be counted as one and staggered benefit for next months will not be counted as subscription
  • Counter will be reset after 3rd subscription, and the cycle will restart again as next subscription will again count as 1st
  • Only MBB customers are eligible for incentive on every 3rd bundle subscription within a period of 90days. This offer is not available on Data Sim.
  • All customers subscribing to MBB bundles are auto registered to loyalty plan i.e. bundle subscription counter is set to 1 as soon as customer subscribes a bundle (30Nov18 and onwards)

Recharge & Activation Bundles:

  • go to your nearest retailer and ask for desired bundle or
  • use Jazz WiFi App, go to jazz.wifi/ from device or dial *6363# from Jazz Prepaid Contact Number

Free Data Details:

  • 50GB of MBB Loyalty Offer can be used within pre-defined time window 1am to 9am with validity of 30Days
  • To check bundle usage & expiry dial *117*9*2# from MBB Device or *6363# from MBB Device or Jazz Prepaid Contact No.
  • SMS notification messages will be sent to MBB number and Other Contact No.

Speed of Free Internet Data & Availability

Free data will be available from 1 AM to 9 AM. But, if we talk about the speed of free incentives then we must have appreciated the only fastest 4G network in Pakistan.

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